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Welcome to Energy Independence

At AMDG Energy, our mission is to provide transparent, individually crafted energy options to all of our clients. We seek to be a light of trustworthiness in an industry that is oversaturated with misinformation. We help caring homeowners realize their wide variety of options within the industry to help them accomplish their energy goals - whether that means “going green” or simply saving money.

Our Services

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Free Energy Consultation

Our number one priority is helping homeowners and landlords reach their energy goals, whether that means “going green”, or simply trying to save money on their electric utility.

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Solar Panel Installations

AMDG Energy is an authorized Freedom Forever Wholesaler. We educate homeowners about the benefits of switching to solar energy and help them make the transition.

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Commercial Installations

At AMDG Energy, we have experience selling both residential and commercial solar systems. By switching to solar energy, you can save thousands of dollars AND receive a huge tax credit for your company.

We also offer energy-efficient windows and energy provider transfer services to help you meet your goals as well! We strongly believe that “when done right, solar wins every time”, but in cases where it simply isn’t possible we have other ways we can help you save money and switch to green energy!

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25 Year Solar Energy Production Guarantee

(Best in Industry!)

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Take Control of Your Energy

When you make the move to Own Your Power, you take control of your energy. YOU are the one who owns the electricity produced by your panels, not the electric company! The long term savings are enormous, and in some cases the monthly payment for your solar system is comparable to what you are already paying monthly to the electric companies!

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Protect the Environment

Switching to solar energy is great for you, but it’s also great for planet Earth! It only takes 1-3 years for Solar Panels to offset their carbon footprint. When you consider that you’ll have them for 25-30 years, it’s obvious that switching to solar energy is one of the best ways to “go green” and do your part to help the environment.

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Increase Home Value

Studies have shown time and time again that adding solar panels increases to the value of a home. According to a recent study by Zillow, installing solar panels will increase the value of your house by an average of 4.1%.

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Beat Electricity Rate Inflation

When you Own Your Power, you are officially “inflation-proof” when it comes to your electricity bill. Instead of paying a steadily climbing rate for kilowatts of energy from a utility company, many people elect to make monthly payments on their solar system. They know exactly how much their electric bill will be twenty five years from now, because it is the same amount they are paying monthly now. Can you say the same?

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Great people, great service, great company. Had Solar installed by this group in 2023. They were awesome. From initial planning, through permitting and final install, everything went exceptionally well. No issues, great final product. I highly recommend.”


Todd P. (CO)

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They were great setting up my solar, they checked in the whole process and were always available when I needed them.”


Rob A. (TX)

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They did an amazing job of making the switch to solar a breeze. Great communication thru the whole process, no issues whatsoever. Would recommend 👍🏻


Corey P. (OH)

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